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Tours to LA

There is no other city resembling Los Angeles in the world. LA is the most exciting center of culture, sports and arts. That’s why it’s hard to choose what to do here if you came for short time. But relax, all you need is to simply determine your goal of visit clearly and follow it.
Below are some of the most famous points of interest of tours to LA you and your loved one can visit while on a walking tour;
Hiking in Hollywood Hills
When you are in Los Angeles you can check the most popular hobby of the locals, which is hiking. Strolling around the Hollywood Hills, you will sincerely admire its refined beauty and those breathtaking sceneries. Going right up to the Summit of Mount Hollywood will give you an excellent view of all of LA ranging from the skyscrapers of downtown all the way to Beverly Hills and beyond. Your tour guide will gladly narrate the history lying behind the famous Hollywood sign as you approach it. As you return from the Hills, you can find wonderful renovated Griffith Park Observatory that you can’t enough of.
Check the Farmers Market and join the History Tour
Joining the Melting Pot Food Tour has a great number of benefits. Firstly, it’s a very significant point of interest from historical point of view. You will know a lot here, be sure. Secondly, the tastiest signature food is presented here – taste free samples or buy a bigger portion a restaurant or Farmer’s store and enjoy your meal! Finally, Original Farmers Market is a worldwide known landmark and it definitely makes sense visiting it.
Check the Dodger Stadium!
All baseball fans from all around the globe would be happy to get to the Dodgers stadium. This building looks beautiful and very large. Feel the history of American national sport and visit a game to see how local people can support their favorite team!
Tour of history – Union Station
Explore the Union Station that covers art, architecture, culture and social history as you go to learn one of Los Angeles greatest landmarks, the 1939 Union Station. It has lately been well renovated to accommodate features like digital information screens, 3000-pound chandeliers made of, and fabulous artwork among others.
Winery Tour to San Antonio
It’s is the only producing winery in Los Angeles. It’s a perfect place to get to taste and learn more of the various wines that exist. If you are done with your winery tour you can try awesome candies at the Maddalena Restaurant located inside the Winery and then choose the perfect wine for your loved one in their Gift Shop.
As one of the largest social and media centers in the world Los Angeles can offer hundreds and thousands things for everyone. Let’s stop the chatting here and take some action. Get a ticket to LA and explore the city with Los Angeles Tours!