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LA tours

Los Angeles is an incredible city, it could be described as the core of fun and attractions but it has a lot to offer things related to sports, arts and even local and multicultural cuisine. Taking a weekend off to walk through the city will leave you spoilt for choice on where to go. LA has such a rich history and architecture that you get to learn about through L A Tours.
If you are a hiking traveler looking for the most significant attractions, please take a look on the list below;
Hollywood Hills Hiking Tour
People say that LA is not a suitable place for walking around. They could be right but it concerns city itself. Actually local people love walking and they often do it in the Hollywood Hills. Join now the hiking group headed by a skilled and experienced guide and you will discover a great amount of riveting facts and check the most impressive views of this area. You will get to the summit with that Hollywood sign and experience one of the most incredible moment of your life.
Check the Farmers Market and join the History Tour
Touring Los Angeles Original Farmers Market in South California, you will be offered to join a delicious Melting Pot Food Tour. This landmark hosts Los Angeles best bakers, candy makers and butchers who have it be termed as the best grocery store and restaurant in LA. Furthermore, you will get to learn about this Market’s amazing history as you taste its specialty. The food samples all along the way will also fill you up.
Discover the LA Dodgers Home Arena
Big stadiums have an awesome atmosphere and it’s a great opportunity for you to feel it. It doesn’t matter how many stadiums you have already visited and whether you are a fan of baseball – just go there and get the pleasure from the game altogether with thousands of Dodgers fans!
Tour to the Union Station
In 1939 LA Union Station was a usual transit station but now it’s the main railway station in entire LA and the area. Visit to Union Station is a thing each guest of Los Angeles should do. You will be surprised how beautiful and majestic its architecture is. The renovation made it even better looking – new and old-fashioned elements look harmonious together.
San Antonio Winery Tour
Los Angeles has the only but great winery manufacturing amazing wine you should definitely try. In case if you are not a connaisseur of alcohol you can, let’s say, try delicious sweets and candies in Magdalena Restaurant and then buy a great gift for you relatives or friends.
Los Angeles has so much to offer and the attractions listed above are just but a few of the numerous sites you can visit being on Los Angeles Tours. In order to make your stay in LA even better we suggest that you check out the LA Walking Tours and join others discovering LA’s beautiful attractions. So what are you waiting for, take your gear and discover Los Angeles by storm!