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There is no other city resembling Los Angeles in the whole world. LA is the most interesting center of arts, sports and culture. That is why it’s so difficult to choose what to do here especially in case if you come for limited time only. But don’t worry, all you need is to determine your purpose of visit clearly and just follow it.
If you are a hiking tourist interested in the most remarkable points of interest, please check the sightseeing list below;
Find your Hiking trail in the Hills of Hollywood
Some say that LA tour is not a good place for roaming around. They could be right but it’s true only for the city itself. Actually local people adore walking and they do it in the Hollywood Hills. Join now the hiking tour headed by an experienced guide and you will discover a great volume of fascinating facts and enjoy the most spectacular views of this area. You will get to the top with that Hollywood sign and have one of the most remarkable moment of your life.
Melting Pot Food Tour – enjoy the farmers’ products and learn more about the history!
Farmers Market in South California will open the world of tasty local food – join the Melting Pot Food Tour! Farmers Market is a place where you can go to the best grocery store and restaurant in entire Los Angeles area. Furthermore, it’s a big chance for you to learn the history of this Farmer Market. In other wors, it’s a great point on interest if you are not going to spend too much money due to food samples you can take for free.
The Dodger Stadium Tour
Big arenas have an outstanding ambience and it’s an incredible chance for you to feel it. No matter how many sport arenas you have already visited and whether you are a fan of baseball – just go there and get the pleasure from the game with thousands of Dodgers fans!
Tour of history – Union Station
Tourists tend to underestimate American architecture and it’s a great mistake. Go to Union Station and see the truth yourself. It is more than just a station where trains arrive and leave, it’s a large part of LA life and history. All in all, it’s worth to see how the building was renovated!
Winery Tour to San Antonio
Los Angeles has a great number of attraction sites but not many tourists know that there is a brilliant winery here. If there is a wine lover among your nearest and dearest – please, buy a bottle for him!
For many tourists Los Angeles is a very remote city not easy to get to. That is why we are not going to tell too much, just come here and enjoy Los Angeles Tours! These impressions you will never forget!